IPad Pro 10.5 Case with Pencil Holder Review From Customer

I ordered this case last week, and it just arrived a day early! The packaging was minimal, enough to protect the case itself and arrive safely, which I appreciate. My iPad snapped in easily and fits securely. The cover is attached well to the case itself and I can tell I won’t have to worry about it coming apart or wearing out any time soon. The cutouts are great, they look polished and are all symmetrical and well finished. The lock and volume buttons are a bit soft so you have to press harder than normal to get the button to respond. The volume buttons are easier to use than the lock button, which I’m fine with since the cover auto locks/unlocks the iPad anyway. The Apple Pencil snaps in securely and it doesn’t come loose even when shaking and holding the case face down, but it’s still easy to remove when I want to use it. The outside of the cover has a soft flocked feel to it and the inside feels like micro suede. I’m confident that the case will be able to protect my iPad from any common drops that might happen from desk or arm height (if it ends up not being able to do that I’ll update this review right away; so if this review isn’t updated to include lack of drop protection you can safely assume that my iPad is still doing fine in this case!). The cover folds up comfortably as well so it’s easy to use as a stand in either direction. The high angle feels appropriate for for watching videos, and the lower angle is very comfortable for using the on screen keyboard as well as drawing and taking notes with the pencil (I’m actually using it to write this review right now!). Overall the case looks fun and different while still being clean and stylish in design. I also enjoy the fact that the case is translucent so I can still see the stickers I apply to the back of my iPad. I can easily see myself buying another color of this same product in the future. Altogether I’m really impressed with this $15 case and cover!

iPad Pro 10.5 Case with Pencil Holder,Well designed and stylish case for a great price!!

iPAD 10.5 case.Highly recommend! Almost exactly the same as the one from Apple.com

The ipad 10.5 case is a tad heavy at about 6 ounces but feels sturdy and protects both the front and back of the