Review For Fitbit Charge 2 silicone Bands ,Nike Version

Exceeded my expectations
I spent quite a bit of time reviewing this style from various sellers and found that even though other sellers are selling what “looks” to be the same band, it is not the same.
If you carefully read through the reviews of other sellers bands you’ll find that the accent color is actually the main color with another color overtop.
The problem is that within a few days the top color wears off.
Not with this band or this seller!!
When I got this band in the mail and opened it, I was surprised at not only the quality of the retail box it is in but most of all the quality of the band itself.
It feels like a very expensive band.
It looks like something you might see on say a Nike watch or similar.
The only thing that is a little strange is that it takes a little getting used to how the strap locks into place.
Once you figure that out and do it a few times it’s nothin doin.
I would but this again in a heartbeat.
The flash in the first few pics makes the black look a lil washed out but in person it’s a nice rich black color.
Fast delivery, awesome quality and looks cool. What more could I ask for.

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