Review From Customer-Excellent Replacement For Fitbit Charge 2 Stock Band

I am pleasantly surprised at this watchband. I honestly didn't expect much but there were a few reasons I wasn't very fond of the included watchband with the Fitbit Charge 2. Upon taking it out of the shipping box I was happy to see that this band was packaged nicely in a little box made out of the hard cardboard that seems like wood. Inside the band was a little crinkled which bothered me at first, but after taking it out it looked fine.

Installing it on the Fitbit Charge 2 was just about as easy as it is with the stock band. It didn't audibly click that I could tell to see if the new band was locked in but it seems to be firmly attached.
The black attachment points are a nice somewhat brushed black and match the style of the watch and the rest of the band well. The band looks excellent on the wrist. While I felt that the stock band looked ok on my arm, this band is thinner throughout and wears much smaller than the stock band. It looks much sleeker on the wrist and the device.

Due to the thin and flexible nature of this metal mesh, it is very comfortable and far more comfortable than the stock band considering you can make the finest of adjustments. It is also very light weight which helps add to the comfort.

The magnet that holds everything together is very strong. Once you adjust it to your desired fit it will not move unless you want it to. Also adjusting using this magnet is very easy. There is a little slot on the magnetic portion that allows you to get your nail in it to lift it up. Once you lift the magnet you bring it up above your wrist and allow it to fall through the slot. Then you just loosen or tighten and attach the magnet.

The only issues I have are somewhat slight and expected. First of all, the band does not slide through the attachment point so you can't seem to unloop it. If for some reason you have very large hands compared to smaller wrists, you may have trouble slipping your hand in the loop. I myself have fairly medium sized hands and wrists and unless the band is as big as it gets, it can be a little difficult to slip over my hand.

My second issue is the quality of the magnet and its attachment to the band. Upon inspection I can see what looks like glue holding the magnet in but I can't be sure. I think it will hold up but only time will tell on this matter.(picture of glued on magnet attached)

I really like this band and I didn't expect to. Everything seems to be better with this band than the stock band. It is more comfortable, it is easier to adjust, and I think it looks a lot better and smaller on my wrist. Also, I should note that I have hairy arms and watch bands pulling my hair is a constant annoyance. While this band can catch a hair under the magnet occasionally, if you're careful putting it on, this won't be much of an issue at all.

For the $12 I paid for this, this is a very easy watchband for me to recommend for your Fitbit Charge 2. I'll update my review should the band not hold up to time and I'll try to answer any questions I can.