Best Fitbit 2018: Fitbit reviews for you to compare

you want to buy a Fitbit ,Which Fitbit meets your fitness tracker needs?But which one suits your style, budget and fitness levels?

Which Fitbit tracker should you buy?

If you're wondering "which is the best Fitbit for me?" we feel your pain. Wareable offers the most comprehensive reviews of every Fitbit – and this is where we try and compare each model, so you can find the perfect fitness tracker.

With a price range from $59.99 right up to $299.95, Fitbit has done its best to cater to everyone looking to buy their very first fitness tracker or a top smartwatch.

Read on to find out which Fitbit model is right for you - from all the devices currently on sale. We've spent plenty of time with the whole range to help you decide, so make sure you check out our full Fitbit reviews too – and don't forget to check out the new Ionic Adidas Edition too.

Best overall Fitbit

Fitbit Alta HR

Best Fitbit 2017: All our Fitbit reviews compared

The Fitbit Alta hasn't been ditched but if you want more features from this stylish tracker, you should check out the Alta HR

Its big feature is continuous heart rate tracking. It's also the debut device for Fitbit's improvements in sleep monitoring, using the accelerometer and heart rate sensor to determine whether you're in REM, light or deep sleep. Every morning you can see how long you spent in each stage, and the app offers up some tips for rest from Sleep Insights. We've found the insights a little general thus far, but Fitbit says these will get better the more it gets to know you.

Despite those improvements, the Alta HR is still trying to keep things simple. There's no workout recording, ConnectedGPS, VO2 Max tracking or, surprisingly, guided breathing. It does still have SmartTrack, so if you do want to take it for a run, it'll pick it up automatically. And of course, it has that tiny Alta screen that displays incoming calls, SMS notifications and calendar updates.

The Alta HR is still Fitbit's most stylish tracker, and the plethora of third party bands and straps means its extremely customisable. It's not for serious athletes, but instead for those of us who want to keep track of our health, fitness and wellbeing without all the complicated stats. It wants to give us that in a form factor that's wearable and desirable, and to that end it's a success.

Feature check: 

  • Steps
  • Optical heart rate
  • Sleep tracking
  • Screen and notifictions
  • SmartTrack automatic exercise detection
  • Swappable bands

$149.95, | Amazon


Best Fitbit with GPS and smartwatch skills

Fitbit Ionic

Best Fitbit 2017: How to choose the right tracker for your goals

Despite the Fitbit Blaze offering some smartwatch-like capabilities, Fitbit has officially entered the space through the Ionic.

And with it, we also have another Apple Watch rival in the mix. It brings all the usual frivolities in the exercise tracking department, so expect your steps and calories to be counted alongside the option to make use of the altimeter, accelerometer, compass, GPS and heart rate monitor for more rigorous activity.

The company's SmartTrack tech will automatically recognise a score of different exercises, but runners, cyclists, swimmers and treadmill runners will also have dedicated modes within the watch. And for those looking for a more structured workout, the Coach app is available to provide plans of varying difficulties and durations.

It's not just activity Fitbit is helping you with, though, with its sleep technology, four day battery life and the new Fitbit Pay also starring on the device.

The futuristic design may be a sticking point for some, but this is a sporty smartwatch that represents the best of what the company has to offer. Unfortunately, there are some features that are set to arrive after its launch in October, as well as the introduction of a more fleshed out Fitbit app store, but this is a solid overall smartwatch package.

Feature check:

  • Built-inGPS
  • Heart rate
  • SmartTrack
  • Sleep
  • Coaching and guided workouts
  • Fitbit Pay
  • Notifications
  • App store

$299.99, | Amazon

Best Fitbit for indoor workouts

Fitbit Charge 2

Best Fitbit 2017: All our Fitbit reviews compared

With the Charge 2, there's a wealth of features, including guided breathing, interchangeable bands, a larger screen and new data tracking with VO2 Max. If you want basic step/sleep tracking, it's there, but if you want to take things further, you can.

 The Cardio Fitness Level feature is one of our favourite additions. It's a proper fitness metric that's new to the company's ecosystem – and one that we hope to see evolve over time to become even more useful. The Charge 2 also offers a guided breathing exercise, making sure you're not inhaling too deeply or exhaling too quickly.

The size of the display on the Charge 2 is just right and the device sits better than the Surge does on the wrist, which is a relief. The overall design is oddly pleasing, perhaps because the display is larger than the Alta HR's but still smaller than the Surge, which means you get to see a little more information without it being uncomfortably big.

An update back in December last year also added some much-asked-for features including workout pause, a battery indicator, viewable heart rate zones, new clock faces and vibration support for Fitbit's guided breathing.

Feature check:

  • Heart rate
  • VO2 Max
  • ConnectedGPS (with smartphone)
  • SmartTrack
  • Steps
  • Sleep
  • Breathing
  • Multisport workout modes

$149.95, | Amazon

Best Fitbit for men

Fitbit Blaze

best fitbit to buy

Half smartwatch, half fitness tracker, the Fitbit Blaze offers heart rate data and built-in workouts all on the wrist. With the advent of the Fitbit Ionic it seems to make little sense, but now sits as an alternative to wearing a Fitbit tracker as a band, for those (mainly men) who prefer the watch form factor.

Designed with customisation in mind, you can switch the screen element in and out of different style bands. If you're not sold on completely jumping into the smartwatch arena with the Ionic, this is the next best bet.

Gym bunnies will approve of the automatic exercise detection, biometrics and the FitStar support to walk you through calorie-busting workouts. It's disappointing for runners and cyclists as it still relies on your smartphone for GPS data.

An update brings the cardio fitness levels and guided breathing features from the Charge 2 to make the hybrid a more feature-packed option. You also get Sleep Stages, which tracks how long you spend in light, deep and REM sleep. That's currently only available on the Blaze, Charge 2 and Alta HR.

Feature check:

  • Heart rate
  • Guided workouts
  • Exercise tracking modes
  • Notifications
  • Steps
  • Sleep Stages
  • ConnectedGPS

$199.95, | Amazon

The waterproof Fitbit fitness tracker

Fitbit Flex 2

best fitbit to buy

In terms of tracking the Flex 2 covers the bases; monitoring steps, calories, active minutes, hourly activity and sleep. You also get the benefit of Fitbit's SmartTrack tech to automatically recognise and track workouts, including walking, running, cycling and aerobic workouts.

The Flex 2 is 30% smaller than the original, but the real story is that this is the wearable tech heavyweight's first swim-proof tracker. With its new water-resistant design, you get swim tracking features, letting you automatically track pool sessions and delivering metrics on laps, duration and calories burned.

$59.95, | Amazon

Best clip-on Fitbit

Fitbit Zip

what fitbit should I buy

The budget option of the line-up, the Fitbit Zip is pretty basic next to all the trackers above. So what do you get? As with the rest, the Zip will track your steps, calories and distance as well as telling you your active minutes for the day. There's no sleep tracking and no altimeter to record elevation. There is a clock function on the small display, and it also wirelessly syncs to your phone and comes in some funky colours.

Sweat, rain and splashproof with a whopping six-month battery life, the Fitbit Zip is well worth a look although it's got some competition from the Misfit Flash, the Jawbone UP Move and the Withings Go.

Feature check:

  • Steps only
  • 6-month battery life
  • Clip-on

$59.95, | Amazon