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fitbitThere is now a Fitbit for everyone in your family! Get healthy and fit together with fitbit new smartwatch, the first kid’s activity tracker and more

fitbit ace

Fitbit Ace

To get kids more excited about sport, Fitbit has designed the Fitbit Ace especially for those age 8 and over to reward activity and make fitness fun. With some help from mom and dad kids can set their own activity goals with the Fitbit Ace, and receive rewards and badges for achieving them. The Fitbit App: Kid View has also been designed especially for children so they can see how they are doing, with a separate Parent View available for mom and dad. To help keep kids moving children can also challenge friends to step competitions, with reminders to move giving them a nudge to stay active all day long. Sleep Tracking also takes note of their shut-eye. Available in electric blue or purple, the Fitbit Ace also has ten child-friendly clock faces to choose from.

The Fitbit Ace is available to pre-order now priced at US$99.95 and is due to ship late May.

Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa tracks all of the essential health statistics including steps taken, distance, calories burned, active minutes and heart-rate tracking, and of course allows users to set goals and monitor their progress using the Fitbit app. In addition, users can track specific workouts such as running, cycling, and swimming, and follow personalized on-screen workouts on the watch face, which will coach you through each move.

When you’re not on the go the Versa will also track sleep, including time in light, deep, and REM stages, while guided breathing sessions will help users take a moment for mindfulness and reduce stress levels.

Fitbit has also included a Female Health feature, with the Versa allowing women to use the tracker with the Fitbit app to make a note of your period and any symptoms, and compare your cycle with other health stats such as sleep, activity and weight.

The Fitbit Versa is available to pre-order now priced at US$199.95 and is due to ship in April.

Fitbit Ionic: Adidas Edition

In addition to the existing Fitbit Ionic, the brand is now also releasing a special edition of the smartwatch in partnership with adidas. The Fitbit Ionic: Adidas Edition features a new and exclusive app, Adidas Train, which allows users to access unique workouts to improve running performance. Each workout will offer step-by-step coaching designed to improve a different aspect of running such as speed, form, or power. The new smartwatch will also come with an adidas-designed clock face and new accessory options, with two-toned sport bands available in Ink Blue and Ice Gray with Silver Gray aluminum case.