Fitbit Versa review:aimed at women

Fitbit Versa review: first look at health smartwatch

Fitbit Versa review

Hands-on with Fitbit’s latest smartwatch for women (and men); smaller than the Ionic.




We got a first look at Fitbit’s latest activity tracker smartwatch, the Versa - aimed at women but just as suitable for men.

We’re big fans of Fitbit’s first proper smartwatch activity tracker

But one of the criticisms levelled at the Ionic was its size – deemed by some as too large for smaller (that is, female) wrists.

Without wanting to stereotype the sexes, women generally have smaller wrists than men - and I speak as a man with rather thin wrists. The new Fitbit Versa (short for "versatile") is aimed at women, with a smaller and lighter watch body plus specific female-health tracking features. It's less boxy than the Ionic, and more like a standard smartwatch in looks. 

That said, it will also suit men who prefer a smaller watch case than the Ionic’s larger, angular design. Its screen is certainly large enough for easy stats display and the interactive workout sessions through Fitbit Coach.

It’s also £100 or US$100 cheaper than the Ionic but boasts most of the same features, minus the built-in GPS on all models and Fitbit Pay on the standard model. It effectively replaces the old Fitbit Blaze fitness watch, which is now discontinued.

The Fitbit Versa is aimed at a wide range of people, from the casual walker to the more devoted runner, cyclist, swimmer or serious gym goer. It's not just focused on fitness but on other gentler aspects of our overall health, too - from calmness and sleep to more detailed female health tracking features.

There are smart features, too, although nothing like what you get from the likes of the Apple Watch or Android smartwatches. This won't bother people for whom health and fitness are the main goals, and Fitbit beats the other smartwatches hands down on these aims.

Notifications are great, and the Versa sees the release of customisable Quick Replies (see below). 



The Fitbit Versa is available for pre-order from March 13, 2018. The Fitbit Store states that they should be available 3-4 weeks from that date, so from as early as April 3, 2018.

The standard models cost £199.99 (US$199.95, €199.95), with a Special Edition priced at £229.99 (US$229.95, €229.95). The Special Edition comes with a woven strap and includes contactless payments via Fitbit Pay.

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