Golf Plus Apple Watch app aims to replace expensive golf swing analyzer gear

 A lot of people argue that apps on the Apple Watch are completely and utterly useless —insisting that complications are the true potential behind Apple Watch. However, the app Golf Plus wants to buck that trend by potentially replacing your high-end golf analyzing gear with Apple Watch.

The watchOS app will analyze various elements of your swing and provide crucial data on how to improve your swing. It claims the app is very accurate because the Watch is always on your wrist and learns with AI and an internal sensor on the Apple Watch. It also senses a swing 100 times per second.

With Apple Watch Series 2 or above, Golf Plus will also track location data on its own to further enhance the accuracy. It uses this data to figure out how far the ball has gone. The finer details can be found on the corresponding iPhone app for review.

Apple touts the Watch as a fitness tracker, and Golf Plus takes this a step further with tracking sports data. The app is available on he App Store for a hefty $11.99, but that is much cheaper than golf swing analyzer gear. If you’re serious into golfing and wear an Apple Watch, this is the app to check out.