International Women's Day Activity Challenge Requires Apple Watch Owners to Double Their Move Rings

Apple has debuted a new Activity Challenge for Apple Watch wearers today, this one focused on celebrating International Women's Day. To complete the challenge and earn the achievement, you'll have to double your Move ring on March 8, the day that commemorates the movement for women's rights around the world. 

The award for completing the challenge will be a set of still and animated stickers you can send to friends and family members within Messages. You'll find the new Activity Challenge by opening the Activity iOS app, tapping the Achievements tab, and tapping the icon for the International Women's Day Challenge achievement, which should be located at the very top of the page. 

The new challenge follows one from February that encouraged users to close their Apple Watch's exercise ring for seven days in a row as a promotion for Heart Month. Apple has regularly added Activity Challenges to the Activity app on iOS over the past few years, marking major holidays like Thanksiving and New Year's with challenges that encouraged users to avoid staying sedentary during each holiday. 

Apple Watch isn't the only area where Apple has been celebrating International Women's Day, with the company debuting a series of female-focused spotlight categories in the iTunes Movies store earlier this week on iOS, macOS, and tvOS. The "Leading Ladies" section offers films like Wonder Woman, Mean Girls, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Room for under $10 for a limited time. 

In Apple Music, a "Celebrating Bold Women" card has been featured in the Browse tab for the past few days, linking subscribers to playlists, essential albums, up-and-coming artists, women who made history, and a breakdown of Leading Ladies in musical genres like pop, jazz, rock, and more.