WorldSleepDay -Getting enough shuteye opens up a world of possibilities for your health and fitness.

WorldSleepDay:  tips to sleep better... you should be sleeping

1.most comfortable bedding can help with deep sleep, so you wake revitalised.


The soft blue glow from a cell phone, tablet, or digital clock on your bedside table may disturb your sleep. Unplug yourself from your TV, computer and other electronics and hour before bed time, and cover and displays your can’t shut off. This will help you fall into a more peaceful deep sleep.


You’re most likely to have the best sleep cycle when you’re feeling comfortable. Have a bath before bed, and make sure your bed and surroundings are comfortable, so you feel at peace


Eating wholesome meals, drinking plenty of water and regular exercise will help your body feel energised and able to cope through the day which will in turn assist help normalise your sleep cycle and minimize the use of a snooze button.

5.Use smartwatch fitbit/apple watch monitor your sleep.