Apple Watch Series 3 LTE to launch in Thailand on April 5

Six months after an initial release, Apple continues to expand global availability of cellular Apple Watch Series 3 models, with the LTE wearable launching in Thailand next month. 

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Announced by Apple on a webpage dedicated to cellular Apple Watch Series 3 availability, the upcoming device will arrive in stores on April 5. Local cellular network operator TrueMove H will deliver LTE connectivity for Watch. 

Though TrueMove H is one of Thailand's top cellular providers, it is not the largest in terms of customer base, meaning the upcoming availability does not address all iPhone owners in the area. Subscribers of competing telcos like Advanced Info Service (AIS) and Total Access Communication (DTAC) will have to wait for Apple to strike a partnership deal with their respective carrier. 

In tandem with the announcement, Apple's regional online storefront has been updated to reflect next month's planned sales date. A new option for GPS + Cellular Apple Watch Series 3 models is now live, with expected delivery dates pegged at 3 to 5 days. 

Pricing for cellular-capable Apple Watch Series 3 starts at 14,900 baht and 15,900 baht for 38mm and 42mm aluminum models, respectively. Stainless steel versions go for 21,900 baht and 23,900 baht, while ceramic Edition variants sell for 47,900 baht and 49,900 baht. 

Apple Watch Series 3 debuted alongside iPhone 8 and Apple TV 4K last September, with GPS + Cellular models offered in ten countries at launch. GPS-only versions of the device concurrently debuted in 27 regions, one of which was Thailand. 

As usual, Apple staggered rollout to hit major markets first, with countries like the U.S. and China getting first crack at the device. Regulatory approval, carrier support and other behind-the-scenes factors also play a role in deciding when a particular country gains access to a product.