Get it free

Get it Free's Special Notes:

1. There are THREE WAYS to share:

(1) Copy links to friends (Copy the product links)
(2) Share to Social Medias
(3) Send invitation emails. Afterwards, tell them to register and complete an order through your link!

2. The Product’s Price on the Get it Free

These two points apply when inviting friends to register and shop.

To be a Qualified Order:

1) Friends (Newly Registered Users) must buy the same product(s)

2) If your Friend(s) buys other products, their total order value MUST exceed yours. Other items can be purchased together in the same order.

*Orders must be paid and shipped out.

3. Can l share any item at any price?

You can share items below $50. The higher the price of the shared item, the more friends you need to invite and place an order.

Sharing Products Price Range Orders Required
$0.01 – $3.00 1
$3.01 – $10.00 2
$10.01 – $20.00 3
$20.01 – $50.00 5

*1 new user can only provide 1 effective order.

4. A nominal $0.01 handing fee is charged if your order ONLY contains the FREE product; The fee is waived if your order contains other items.

5. If orders have been refunded, it will not be regarded as your qualified orders.

6. Each item is only eligible for a single free offer.

7. sweesdirect routinely checks all referrals and new registrations; We reserve the right to delete any suspicious accounts.



Q: Can I get it free if my friend is not a new registered customer?

A: Unfortunately, no. The rules to obtain free items goods state the items must be from the GET IT FREE  and under $20. Also only new registered customers are able to participate. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Q: If my friend shares my link, and then others buy from that new link, can I still get that product for free?

A: Yes! As long as their payment goes through and your item price is under $20, you can GET IT FREE!


Q: I'm ready to claim my free product, how do I do it?

A: It's easy. Just log in to Choose the product you like (it must be under $20),Choose your favorite social media channel to share.

contact with,ask for a counpon code ,share the product link with code Share, invite a new friend, they sign in, and complete the purchase .

contact with ,send your friends order number(if not ,we will record the orders  which use the code ) ,the sweesdirect team will deal with your free order .


Q: Why can I not claim my free product even after I did everything right?

A: sweesdirect reserves the right to investigate, monitor and delete any suspicious accounts. We will routinely check and scrutinize all new registrants and associated activity. This ensures that nobody has an unfair advantage over others. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at: